Adam McGay Forums? Nah, Now /q that shit server.

Why you still play this shit server? Admins are shit and ofc Adam McGay bans for a non valid reason hhhhhh.
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 Unban Zues_Wahab A.K.A Arsons_Kazuto

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Date d'inscription : 2019-06-24

Unban Zues_Wahab A.K.A Arsons_Kazuto Empty
PostSubject: Unban Zues_Wahab A.K.A Arsons_Kazuto   Unban Zues_Wahab A.K.A Arsons_Kazuto EmptyMon 24 Jun - 7:19

HI admins
Actually i dont know why you banned me im always active. oppss, they banned me cos u'll said that im using aimbot actually u should know me better specially in LRP some of the admins here know what my personality so unban me asap.
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Unban Zues_Wahab A.K.A Arsons_Kazuto
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