Adam McGay Forums? Nah, Now /q that shit server.

Why you still play this shit server? Admins are shit and ofc Adam McGay bans for a non valid reason hhhhhh.
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 SERVER-Explaintion On Land Place

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PostSubject: SERVER-Explaintion On Land Place   SERVER-Explaintion On Land Place EmptySat 20 Apr - 7:42

Land Placement & Building Rules​

Land placement

1- Lands are not allowed to be close to a turf or job.
2- Lands cannot be placed on a road.
3- Lands can be placed near an owned business or houses or any other property.
4- Lands cannot be placed on someone else's business, dynamic door or house.
5- Lands cannot be placed over unowned properties.
6- Lands cannot be too close to other lands.
7- Every lands should be placed on the sqaure ground.


1- Lands can't be inside the turf boundaries, or a job location.
2- You're not allowed to place an object or items on a road.
3- If you've an owned house or business or any other property, you're able to build on it.
4- You're not allowed to build your land on someone else's business, dynamic door or house.
5- If you want your land to cover a door that is meant for a business or house you need to have a business or house at that door before you can have a land that covers it.
6- There should be space between lands, you're not allowed to place two lands by each other's.
7- You can't build, place in sky.

I already have a land and that's not allowed according to these rules
If you have a land that does not adhere to these rules you will be asked in-game or on the forums to move it. You will be given 2 days to find a new location. In that case, the move is (of course) free of charge. If you do not reply your land may be deleted
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SERVER-Explaintion On Land Place
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