Adam McGay Forums? Nah, Now /q that shit server.
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Adam McGay Forums? Nah, Now /q that shit server.

Why you still play this shit server? Admins are shit and ofc Adam McGay bans for a non valid reason hhhhhh.
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  Administrative Rules | S-Team Roleplay

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 Administrative Rules | S-Team Roleplay Empty
PostSubject: Administrative Rules | S-Team Roleplay    Administrative Rules | S-Team Roleplay EmptySat 20 Apr - 7:48

Administrative Rules

Dear A-Team,
I would like to announce that we, our community, put rules for our staffs team. If you want to do a staff complaint, you can check the Administrative rules below, and checking what the reason you should post.

- From now on, any administrator should record his game play, or take a screenshots before punishing. banning someone.
- if the victim posted an ban appeal or staff complaint, both of them (admin & victim) must show their evidence in the post.
- An Administrator cannot go on admin duty while an active turf, or if it's necessary.
- An Administrator can trash or accept any kind of reports.
- Handling Death match reports, you should check the /kills, /dmg and /timestamp before taking any action.
- An Administrator should give the accused player some time to provide the evidence in complaints at forums.
- An Administrator should listen to both player inputs before issuing a warning or punishment.

Anything found like abusing/spamming from any administrator, you may report it here by defining the reasons.

Anything else new will be listed below with [new] tag.​

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Administrative Rules | S-Team Roleplay
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